We are a husband and wife team trying to build a business to support our family! James’s background is almost exclusively manufacturing and mine is almost exclusively business management. CNC Plasma Cutting was the most economical way for us to start our own business in the metal fab field. James is a perfectionist by nature and is his biggest critic. We want you to be satisfied with the items you receive from us and encourage both positive feedback and constructive criticism.

WHAT IS CNC PLASMA CUTTING? In simple terms, it is a metal cutting torch driven by a computer to cut a piece of sheet metal.

WHAT CAN IT DO FOR YOU? Take a look through our website and do a quick internet image search for plasma signs and you will see lots of ideas to help get your wheels spinning. Once you pick a design we can cut it as is or customize it to your liking. Please don’t hesitate to run any idea by us! We will do our best to produce what you are looking for!

Our CNC Plasma Table was built in house and is capable of cutting a 5' x 10' steel plate 1 1/4" thick. All items are cut on a machine built by us with materials purchased locally in Texas. We are proud to offer an American made product manufactured here in the great state of Texas!

Thank you for stopping by and let us know what we can do for you!